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In Shipping since 1873
SLOMAN NEPTUN’s history goes back to the early days of steamships. It was in 1873 when a joint stock companyinder the name of.
Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft “Neptun”, Bremen, Actien-Gesellschaft
Was established to operate a regular service between the River Weser and other North European ports. This scope was soon extended to the River Rhine and to the Iberian Peninsula.
On its 100th Anniversary in 1973 the company operated a diversified fleet which included liner ships, gas & chemical tankers and research vessels.
It was at this stage when the befriended SLOMAN Group of Hamburg, privately owned and in shipping since 1793, acquired the majority of the shares and merged their own with the fleet of DG “Neptun”. The comapny was consequently renamed:
SLOMAN NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft
Today SLOMAN NEPTUN operates some 20 modern units-gas tankers and dry cargo vessels. In addition to ship owning and operating SLOMAN NEPTUN, through affiliated companies, is engaged in various other shipping related fields.
By: Sloman Neptun.

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